Age: 34


Born in: Klaipeda, Lithuania


Grew up in: Klaipeda and Bremen, Germany


Interests: cooking, reading manuals and repairing stuff, kitesurfing, travelling, studying animals


I love: a good beer, donkeys, my old "Schwalbe" from East Germany (a yellow moped)


I dislike: slapping sails, people stressing me for no reason


Motto in life:

Less ist more.






Age: 35


Born in: Hamburg/Germany


Grew up in: Harare/Zimbabwe, Surabaya/Indonesia, Northern Germany


Interests: photography, drawing, upcycling, documentaries, sticking my head below the water surface


I love: crustaceans with garlic, exploring natural wonders in remote places, my washing machine


I dislike: smelly places, time limits


Motto in life:

The best things in life

are not the ones you get for money.

Arrival At The Isla Del Coco after 51 Days At Sea across The Pacific Against Wind And Current

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