Age: 34


Born in: Klaipeda, Lithuania


Grew up in: Klaipeda and Bremen, Germany


Interests: cooking, reading manuals and repairing stuff, kitesurfing, travelling, studying animals


I love: a good beer, donkeys, my old "Schwalbe" from East Germany (a yellow moped)


I dislike: slapping sails, people stressing me for no reason


Motto in life:

Less ist more.






Age: 34


Born in: Hamburg/Germany


Grew up in: Harare/Zimbabwe, Surabaya/Indonesia, Northern Germany


Interests: photography, drawing, upcycling, documentaries, sticking my head below the water surface


I love: crustaceans with garlic, exploring natural wonders in remote places, my washing machine


I dislike: smelly places, time limits


Motto in life:

The best things in life

are not the ones you get for money.

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