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Do you know the feeling that 24h are never enough, very often being behind time?

In the globalized world we live in today it feels as if the earth is spinning faster and faster

while the day does not increase in hours.

In daily life our eyes always have the time in focus to be sure we're doing what we're supposed to do on schedule. 

Some time ago we discovered sailing as our passion and realized during our holidays being on sea that there are different directives you can go by to find orientation and that time and therewith our destinations were determined by currents and winds.


And this is where Thula received her name, originally "Tuuli" (Finnish: wind).

With one of us having spent some time on African grounds,

a variation from the Zulu language was chosen with "Thula" meaning 'to be quiet'.

Be quiet and listen to how time passes by listening to water rushing beneath Thula's keel.

This sound feels like music in our ears and we asked ourselves why not to listen to this music more often than just during the holidays or on the weekends. This thought triggered our plan that soon took shape so that in summer 2019 we left our hometown Kiel in beautiful Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 


Come and join us on our journey across the 'big and small blues'!


Do you feel like taking part in our journey?

Then Hop on and come along with us!

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